Don’t have a visa? No worries! Because you don’t need one before taking holidays to these exotic and picture-perfect destinations! Say goodbye to tiring and stressful visa securing procedures and put on your vacation clothes to satisfy your wanderlust with these beautiful destinations!

1. British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Source: Google

Enjoy coral reefs and white sandy beaches with clear blue waters. Fall in love with the sunsets and the sun rise with delicious thirst-qeunching tropical drinks.

2. Bhutan

Bhutan Source: Google

One of the oldest and most important Buddhist sites in the world. Travel to Bhutan for a peaceful and spritiual trip.

3. Macau

Macau Source: Google

Macau is the second big thing after Vegas in slotting machines and casinos! Lose all or win big- its all about luck in this place!

4. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis Source: Google

Amazing destination for diving freaks. Dive in and swim through deep blue waters to explore the mysteries beneath

5. Vanuatu

Vanuatu Source: Google

Water surfing is common, ever tried “cinder boarding” on the ashes of volacanic eruptions? This pacific ocean island takes you to another world!

6. Ecuador
Ecuador Source: Google

Ecuador is for those who live to be close to nature and its beings. Discover what brought about the Darwin’s Theory of nature in Galapagos islands.

7. El Salvador

El-Salvador Source: Google

If a slice of Mayan life is all you’re looking for, you’ll find it in El Salvador at the pyramids of Tazumal that too without a visa, unlike travelling to Peru.

8. Jamaica

Jamaica Source: Google

The caribbean sun and seas welcome you to soak in the majestic South American air. Pay homage to Bob Marley, the legendary musician who was born and is now buried here.

9. Nepal

Nepal Source: Google

If spending hours on a flight is not your cup of tea, our neighbours Nepal provide scenic Himalayan mountain views for a memorable holiday.

10. Fiji

Fiji Source: Google

Fiji is the best and ultimate Getaway destination for you and your partner. Enjoy the secluded romantic resorts and magical beaches.

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