Every couple especially women, wish to have a baby. She waits for the day she can become a mother. It is supposed to be the most special day of her life. But there are times when this moment can actually turn out to be stressful.

According to Indian laws abortion is legal. A woman can terminate her pregnancy if her life is at risk, if it arose from a sex crime like rape or there is a risk that the child would suffer from deformities or diseases. But in India, the major reason women get abortions is due to unwanted pregnancy. These happen when a contraceptive fails, precaution was not taken or teenage pregnancy.

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, was passed to reduce the cases of illegal abortions. Around that time only, the women’s empowerment campaign had started. So, if the women had no control over their own reproductive lives, women could not be the equals of men- no matter what advances they make in their career or education. If the government is given the power to decide for a women if she is not even mentally or physically ready, can turn out to be traumatic for the women.
There would always be women who do not want to get pregnant at a particular stage of life. There might be a possibility that the family is not financially well off. There might be an unmarried or a teenage girl who wants to get rid of the baby. Abortion is every women’s right, may she be married or unmarried, rich or poor; and it is a decision which she alone can make, especially in a society where the responsibility for childbearing in most cases falls on the mother alone. The laws restricting abortions to only a certain number of situations are examples of the way our society oppresses women.

Certainly, men have a right to say in the decision to abort. This decision needs to be made with consent of the husband or the families. It is clear that other people are affected by this decision, but you cannot argue that the mother is affected the most.

Therefore, there must be some sort of relaxations for cases like these and such abortions must be carried out after complete authorization by a reputed hospital so that abortion is kept legal and safe.

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