Ever Wonder What Happens To Bollywood Couples After The Movie Ends?


Bollywood movies since times immemorial have revolved around True love and Happy endings! And it taught us all kinds of BS about love being larger than life and all that! Be it the epic love story DDLJ or the quirky love story of two best friends- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Maine Pyaar Kiya etc. All these movies made us terribly believe that ‘Happily ever Afters’ always happen! well maybe not! Check out this video because Ladka Ladki mile pyaar hua..lekin uske baad ki story koi ni batata! Hum Btaaenge…

This video uploaded by SnG Comedy paints the picture of what really happens after the most stereotypical “Happily ever after”. And its surely a treat to watch! Wasn’t it? 😉

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