Here are some easy clothing tricks that do not require much effort but is surely going to make your life a whole lot easier.

Tucking Jeans Into Boots :

Tucking a non skinny jeans into a pair of boots can be a serious problem as not all girls are fond of wearing super skinny fit jeans all the time. So here is how to do it.

Hang Clothes Like A Smart Person :

For this golden trick, watch out the video. This will really help you save up a lot of time girls.

DIY Bra Strap Concealer :

This clever clothing trick not only keeps your Bra strap concealed but also keeps wide neck Tees and shirts from falling off your shoulder. Smart ! All it takes are few thin strips of fabric and sew-on press studs.

Here’s how it works :


Clever Zipper Solution :

Everyone of has some pair of denims whose zip keeps opening a little on the top. Here’s an easy trick to keep that pesky zipper up.

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