The 24-year-old pop star, Miley Cyrus performed ‘Saraswati Puja’ at her house. Yes, you heard that right!

When people in the US were busy watching the Super Bowl, she was performing a Lakshmi Puja in her house. Well, Miley hasn’t been too nice about her love for the cultural and traditional tropes of India, having got the words ‘Om’ and ‘Karma’ tattooed on her.

Miley Instagrammed a photo from the puja, in which one worships Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The picture shows a traditional prayer set-up.

She captioned her image:

“Fruit bowl over Super… offering,”

#FruitBowl over Super…… ????? #offering

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Another photograph featured a traditional Indian set up with the floors covered in cushions and flower petals.

❤️PUJA ❤️

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 Miley captioned it “Puja”.

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