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1.5 Years Old Girl Dies of Sunstroke, Dead Body Found in a Field With Ants All Over

Deadly heatwave continues in Rajasthan and severely affecting people. The temperature has been around 50 degrees in the last 8 days in the state. Dhaulpur was the warmest on Friday. Before Dhalpur, Churu and Ganganagar were in this list. Between May 31 and June 7, the temperature has crossed 50 degrees in the state. 9 people were killed in a day in the state, including a 1.5 years old child.

Nearly 8 km away from the Bharatpur city, 1.5 years little baby girl Jhalak came out of the home while playing in the noon. The family told that she was at home till 12 o’clock and after it, she went missing. At around 4 o’clock in the evening, when his father Devendra was about to go on his job in BR Oil based Bharatpur, he thought of his daughter Jhalak. Finding her nowhere, they started searching her but found no clue. At around 6 in the evening, some children saw her dead body in the fields. Her body was scorched and ants were on her face. She died due to severe sunstroke.

Due to the persisting hot weather conditions, authorities have cancelled the leaves of doctors to ensure the availability of medical facilities at all times. Doctors can take leaves only in cases of emergencies. Doctors have also been asked to report for duty on time.

Dhaulpur is known for its extreme weather conditions and has seen sub-zero temperatures during winters while in summers temperatures hover around 50 degrees Celsius.  

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