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Infotainment 1 Ball, 286 Runs! Breathtaking Record in Cricket History

1 Ball, 286 Runs! Breathtaking Record in Cricket History

According to a news story published in ‘Pall Mall Gazette‘ an English newspaper which had roots in London on 15th January 1894, the match was played between Victoria and Australia. Further Victorians went in to bat, but on the first ball, the ball was stuck into the tall jarrah tree which was inside the ground.

However, the home team appealed for a ‘lost ball’, but the umpires could see the ball so he refused that appeal. At that time Victorians were running between the wickets. Unable to find an alternative, an axe was called by Australians for bringing down the tree. But they were failed to bring the ball down. Moving further, The struggle for the Australians doesn’t come to end, now they brought out a riffle to unlodge the ball from its position.

But as the luck approved, many shots of the rifle were missed and the batsman was continuously running to score runs. The story goes on to state that the batsmen had run 286 runs by then, creating the world record for most runs off a single delivery in cricket. It adds that the Victorians declared then, bringing probably the shortest innings to a close if this legend is to be believed, and won the match!

However, the story seems to be a myth but there is no concrete evidence to prove it wrong. Running 286 runs on the pitch amounts to covering close to 6 kilometres while the ball was being retrieved from the tree. It makes little sense but continues to be one fantastic tale. On the other side, what was an English newspaper doing describing an Australian match when no such story was published in the local newspapers? So this is really an unbelievable story of cricket history.

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