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India Is Changing ! 1 tweet To Railway Ministry And Help Provided Instantly

Its amazing how much social media can help when in need and when our government officials are willing to help it’s usefulness increases manifold. This was proved by railway ministry and foreign ministry.

Recently when a lady named Namrata Mahajan  was harassed by a fellow male passenger she decided to call for help.She posted a tweet to railway ministry’s handle and asked for help.The ministry replied instantly and at the next station the man was shifted to other coach.Check this out

source : twitter

In a separate incident Pankaj Jain, a businessman from Karnataka tweeted to railmin for help. He was travelling with his paralysed father.The train was due to stop for 3 mins at the next station Merta which would not have been enough for his father to get off the train so he tweeted to railmin for help.Needless to say the railmin was ready with help at the station.The train not only stopped for 10 mins but the officials also provided him with a wheelchair.

fatherfather2Obviously Pankaj was really impressed.

In the latest happening the railways did it again after they provided food to students when the train they were travelling in got delayed and there was no pantry in the train.

food'What’s great is that other departments are catching up too. Foreign ministry head Sushma Swaraj also provided help in a similar fashion through twitter.

I Guess acche din are on the way !


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