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High Life 7 Indian Beers, Spirits And Wines You Must Try Once in Your...

7 Indian Beers, Spirits And Wines You Must Try Once in Your Lifetime

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What is the first word that strikes your mind when you think about India? Expected answers are rich culture, Bollywood and different cuisines. But hold on here is one more word for those who love to drink! Yes, India’s top 10 best Beers, Spirits and Wines relating to the best of brews, pubs and festivals that one must try in its lifetime.

1) Old Monk

Guess which is the Indians favorite beverage? Old Monk is the answer. This vanilla flavored, smooth and dark rum aged for 7 long years. It is produced by the Mohan Meakin group. Interestingly, the first batch of Old Monk rum was produced in the 1950s. It is the most famous beverage of India which also being exported to other countries.

2) All Things Nice

All Things Nice is a wine and spirits consultancy started up by the sommelier (a wine waiter) named Nikhil Agarwal. As same as its name the consultancy organized a wine week with lots of discounts offers on Indian and International wines. A comprehensive range of restaurants and bars participating in this wine week. The icing on the cake, they also host the Indian Wine Consumers Choice Awards along with an exclusive blindfolded dinner and wine event.

3) Gateway Brewing Company

The concept of micro brewing in India was first introduced by Gateway Brewing Company. The producers claim they make their beers without using chemicals and stabilizers. Gateway Brewing Company does a Root series that includes European-style beers like White Zen, Doppelganger and Like That Only.


Well, this company was opened by a couple named Krishna Prasad and Uma Chigurupati who owned a pharmaceutical business first. Their interest in wine-making business boomed when they developed a taste for wines during their various traveling trips. Their vineyards now lie in Hampy Hills in Karnataka. Taste distinctive grape tastes at KRSMA and enjoy!

5) Sula Vineyards

The company which has the largest market share in Indian wines and plays a remarkable role in the country’s winemaking. Sula produced several bottles in India for the first time, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Zinfanel and Reisling in the year 2000. Currently, the company offers accommodation and an amphitheater for events. Its Tasting Room – a pleasant wine bar is a place where you can taste Sula’s wine at the vineyards looking over the estate and nearby lake. Isn’t it amazing!

6) Toit Brewpub

If you are a person who enjoys wine at the place with great ambiance then this place is for you! Its interior designing and warm temperature steal the attention. It has half a dozen regular brews that include wheat beers and dry stouts. Along with these, it also has Aam Admi Ale, infused with mangoes for the summer, and Coldfire, infused with chilies for the monsoon season.

7) Feni

Have you heard the song in the Bollywood film King Uncle? It’s words read, “fenny ne mujhe bulaya mai chala aaya, jab wo sharmake hasi to nasha chaya” Feni is Goa’s iconic liquor which is distilled from the local cashew apple or coconut trees. Feni now has its own GI registration – the mark of products that have a particular geographical place of origin. It is a world famous spirit.


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