Best Sculptures

While living in the city, we are cut off from the village and nature. People who have become accustomed to living in high-rise buildings find it very difficult to connect with water-forest-land. 

Those who try to go near nature are able to do so only by taking a few days off. Seeing all these woes, these artists thought of doing something unique and they made these sculptures – that too from absolutely natural things.

Let’s see what they have shown on the canvas of nature:

1: Jungle Tales

10 Best Sculptures

2: Living Idol

Best Sculptures

3: lovely eyes 

4: Pixelated Horse 

10 Best Sculptures

5: It’s a Real Car, Not a Toy 

6: Just Wow

Top 10 Best Sculptures

7: Guardian of the Forest

8: Dreaded Monster 

9: Amazing Job!

10: Statue inspired by the game Among Us