10 Best Sculptures By Artists Which Crossed All The Limits Of Creativity

Best Sculptures

While living in the city, we are cut off from the village and nature. People who have become accustomed to living in high-rise buildings find it very difficult to connect with water-forest-land. 

Those who try to go near nature are able to do so only by taking a few days off. Seeing all these woes, these artists thought of doing something unique and they made these sculptures – that too from absolutely natural things.

Let’s see what they have shown on the canvas of nature:

1: Jungle Tales

10 Best Sculptures

2: Living Idol

Best Sculptures

3: lovely eyes 

4: Pixelated Horse 

10 Best Sculptures

5: It’s a Real Car, Not a Toy 

6: Just Wow

Top 10 Best Sculptures

7: Guardian of the Forest

8: Dreaded Monster 

9: Amazing Job!

10: Statue inspired by the game Among Us