Ragini Dwivedi, Sanjjana Galrani To Be Questioned By ED In Sandalwood Drug Case

Sanjjana Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi will reportedly be questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Bengaluru's central prison.
High Life 10 Biggest Health Care Lies In The World

10 Biggest Health Care Lies In The World

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In my personal opinion, healthcare nowadays practiced and defended by those who profit from the continuation of sickness and disease. Yes, you read it right. What do you think various governments are working on the behalf of their citizens? They are working for the big pharma or for the medical billionaires. Let’s get in a little bit of detail, as I am going to tell you 10 biggest health care lies in the world:

  • Hospitals are places of health and healing.

  • Conventional medicine is “advanced” state-of-the-art medicine.

  • Screening equals prevention.

  • Doctors are experts in health.

10 Biggest Health Care Lies In The World

  •  Vaccines make you healthy.

  • Pharmaceuticals prevent disease.

  • You have no role in your own healing.

  • Doctors are experts in health.

  • More research is needed to find “cures”.

  •  Health insurance will keep you healthy

Why I’m Saying These All Are Lies?

10 Biggest Health Care Lies In The World

These 10 points are probably the most relevant to your own health decisions. But actually, health care process set up by various institutions are exploiting you instead of healing.

Staying healthy isn’t as difficult as you think, you should take charge of your own health and avoid the health care scam. What to eat, what to put on your skin and how to get more sunshine and physical exercise, these are the basics things that make you healthier.

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