Christmas is a festival that is celebrated globally irrespective of religion or location. It is a festival that brings in warmth and celebrates togetherness and homecoming. While the whole world revels in the festivities of this wonderful and exciting time of the year, these cities offer you the best ever Christmas celebrations..

1. Santa Claus Village, Finland


A whole village in Finland’s Arctic Circle for times when even too much of Santa is not enough. A jolly man in red in the neighborhood is most famous. There is also an amusement park called the Santa Park which is the best place to be in the deep winter snow and reindeer dotted woods.

2. New York City, USA


We’ve all seen Christmas in the NYC from those countless movies of course. The Christmas lights, the cheesy muzak and the tallest lit Christmas at the famous Rockefeller Center. People go ice skating underneath it or go to watch a ballet performance of “The Nutcracker” for a perfect Christmas straight out of  a movie.

3. Bondi Beach, Australia


The biggest Christmas party at the Bondi Beach challenges the basic Christmas clichés: replacing Snow and Fairy Lights with Sun, Sand and Surf. The Beach attracts tourists from all over, the major constitution of them being the Backpackers. Best bands and DJ’s hit the beats, making you groove to the most unnatural Christmas experience.

4. Bethlehem, West Bank.


With the world today heading in the wrong directions in every aspect, one must always consider rejuvenating their faith in the good and the supreme. A pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus is the best way to start. The spectacular energy in the old city square can light up hundreds of Christmas trees.

5. Midnight Mass, the Vatican City


Visit the Vatican City, Italy to awaken your spiritual self in the heart of Catholicism. The Eternal City is magical at any time of year with roasted chestnuts sold on every corner. Feel the Nativity in the Church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli on the Capitoline Hill. Midnight Mass in st. Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve or at Noon on Christmas Day is something to remember.

6. Dublin, Ireland


The Staunchly Catholic Irish have quite novel ways to honor Christmas with there witty sense of humor. The craziest yet celebrated way is the morning swim on the 25th at the forty-foot sea water pool. There are 12 days of the Christmas market at the Docklands and the cheesy pantos, Christmas lights, Ice skating and the seasonal cheer at the bars is not to be missed apart from the Carols sung at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

7. Nuremberg, Germany


Experience the magical christkindlesmarket for buying the best of Christmas gifts for your loved ones. The Christmas market in Nuremberg has 180 stalls which offer toys, trinkets, Candles, Gingerbread and sweets to shoppers warmed by the sizzling bratwurst and mulled wine.

8. Zurich, Switzerland


Christmas in the land of best cheese and Chocolates is bound to be exceptional. All those famed chocolates, mountains laden with snow, the aroma of cheese and wine in the air is extra appealing. Zurich wins the vote of most people for its cobbled streets decorated for Christmas, fairy lights, Choir of young locals singing carols.

9. Tokyo, Japan


Christmas in Tokyo is bright and colorful, full of lights and sights to behold. Even though New Year is more important than Christmas for people in Japan yet they celebrate it with dazzling decorations and lights. This year we saw a British man dressed as a Christmas tree running around the streets of Tokyo spreading the Christmas cheer and Glee. Feasting includes fried chicken, with sponge cake topped with cream and strawberries.

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico


It’s a small island with a big personality as it celebrates Christmas with a salsa beat. The festivities last from mid-December to 6th January celebrated as Three Kings Day. The churches conduct Christmas carols and a ig feast is held on the Christmas eve followed by a Midnight mass.

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