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High Life 10 Crazy Things That Girls Do To Be Blamed On PMS

10 Crazy Things That Girls Do To Be Blamed On PMS

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PMS is the most crazy and dreadful time of the month that every girl goes through and even guys who are closely associated with girls know too well. Well, Girls too hate the Premenstrual Syndrome as much as Guys do but We can’t help it remember? Its like all the monstrous hormones take over you leaving you bitchy and vulnerable at the same time. And for those who think its a Myth! Dare to mess with your girl during her PMS..You’ll know! Boys, These 10 crazy things that girls do are to be blamed on PMS..

The most Typical of all typical things..

1. We fight and fight for no reason..


See, it happens okay! You won’t get it. Its a terrible vulnerable state. Also its always the guy in this state to do something wrong! *PMSing*

2. Its the Hormones making us cry all the time over anything and everything.


Its all the those Hormones. Not our fault :p

3. To be left alone and complain about feeling Lonely.


We don’t what we want! :/

4. Oh! The Cravings! We’d eat all kinds of Junk. No control over that too.


Chocolate brownies. Chocolate fudge. DEATH by chocolate. Coke. Ice Creams!

5. Do we Overthink things? Oh Yes!


We do tend to make a mountain out of molehills during ‘that time’.. Hush Hush!

6. We can’t be pleased! Cranked up to the fullest..


Boyfriends beware. Though you’re sweet in those times but nothing works for us.. :/

7. Get emotional even if your neighbour’s milkman’s aunt’s youngest daughter’s cat dies (Literally over anything)


God! Its frustrating for us too..you know!

8. We Want to KILL anything and everything that crosses us!


Even if its a poor fly hovering! You’re so dead bitch!

9. We curse like a sailor if you mess with us while we’re driving


You @%$#*& better watch it ..you #@$%*&..Urrggghh! *Starts crying*

10. Though the whole world might know but we won’t accept its the PMS


Its YOU! just YOU! Not me.. YOU!

Well I know it sounds scary and it pretty much is but just know we’re this crazy only in front of those who we’re closest to.. So Dear Boyfriends its just a week! Its hard but Suck it up! :p

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