High Life Women 10 Everyday Troubles That All Girls Can Relate To

10 Everyday Troubles That All Girls Can Relate To

Being a girl is the hardest thing to be on this earth but obviously the proud one too! From the periodically occurring painful blood-leak to all the daily life tasks towards our career or life, is there anything we can’t do? Absolutely nothing! Here are 15 everyday problems that show it can be pretty tough being a girl!

1) Trouble with eyeliner – Trying to match your eyeliner wings both sides!

2) The myth that we turn into Aliens everytime we have our periods!

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girls on period

3) Keeping safe your lipstick! While sipping or intaking edibles!

keeping your liptick safe while eating

4) When your ponytail losses its strength and keep sliding out in the Gym!

5) The struggle of wearing heels – Although it looks higher than ever but Ah! it hurts!

6) Putting on make-up in public – because you actually want to look good for your meeting, gathering or date!

7) Maintaining nails all the way long! – The never ending process!

8) The big hurdle – Buying matching stuff with every new dress right!

9) You just can’t rub your eyes while wearing a Mascara or Eyeliner. So helpless no!

Eyeliner disaster

10) When people say are you sick? On wearing no make-up!

When you wear no make up people be like!


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