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News 10 Facts You Must Know About New Chandigarh International Airport

10 Facts You Must Know About New Chandigarh International Airport

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The new Chandigarh International Airport has new terminals and major airstrip in SAS Nagar which might prove to be the much needed economic boost for punjab through air traffic and travel. The facility was much needed in Punjab as according to estimates after studies almost 25% of passengers who travel internationally through Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi hail from chandigarh and parts of Punjab and Haryana.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to innaugurate the international civil air terminal on friday, there is no confirmation about when the international flights will begin regular operations.

Chandigarh Internal Airport Source: Google

Here are some Facts that we must all know about this new facility soon to add to the highlights of tricity

1. The Chandigarh Interntional Airport was proposed to be named after Bhagat Singh as “Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh International Airport, Mohali” but the Central Government could only afford its silence over it.

Chandigarh Internal Airport Source: Google

2. This airport is being seen as the gateway of economic and industrial development not only for Punjab, but also for neighbouring Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

3. The total cost of the project that is the international airport is estimated to be around a whopping sum of INR 1,000 crore.

Chandigarh Internal Airport Source: Google

4. The Airport has a huge 5,300 Square metre area in all. So its going to be airy and roomy and definitely grand.

5. The parking of your car or any vehicle will never be a problem as the Airport car park has a 500 car capacity at any given time.

Chandigarh Internal Airport Source: Google

6. It also offers a 1,600 peak hour passenger handling capacity.

7. It also features elevated roads for easy departure of passengers from the first floor.

8. Another feature is the presence of interconnected tunnels to handle peak hours and passenger services.

Inside of Chandigarh Internal Airport Source: Google

9. The terminal will have 5 aero-bridges, construction of apron for parking three in contact and ten remote parking stands for aircraft.

10. The Greater Mohali Area Development Authority is spending Rs 1,700 crore to connect this airport with Punjab.

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