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News 10 LGBT Royal Kings And Queens in The History You Never Knew

10 LGBT Royal Kings And Queens in The History You Never Knew

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Our elders often say that this LGBT concept is 21st century’s invention. But it is not so true! It is just that now the time has changed and people openly talk about their sexuality. Well, did you know there are some of the royals in the history who belonged to LGBT community? Read out the text:

1) Alauddin Khilji

Various theories by historians suggested that he was a bisexual and a paedophile. He had a weakness for young boys. He loved Malik Kafur, he was a eunuch slave purchased by Khilji. Alauddin Khilji had a heterosexual personality. He had a harem which had more than 70,000 men, women, and children. 30,000 women out of these were widows of men Khilji killed in a single day.

2) Lord Ivar Mountbatten

He was Queen’s cousin (the great great great grandson of Queen Victoria and the great-nephew of Earl Mountbatten of Burma). He became the first member of the British royal family to come out as gay after revealing he is dating James Coyle.

3) Emperor Ai of Han

He was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty. He reigned from 7 to 1 BC. He had a same-sex love affair with court official Dong Xian.

4) Charles I of Württemberg

Charles was King of Württemberg, from 1864 to 1891. He had an affair with the American Charles Woodcock.

5) Edward II of England

Edward had a controversial relationship with Piers Gaveston. When king Edward was dethroned, Piers was executed by his enemies – with some legends claiming he had a red-hot poker inserted up his anus due to his sexuality.

6) Philippe I, Duke of Orléans

He loved to dress like a woman and is openly homosexual. Instead of two wives, he had a number of male lovers, most famously the Philipe de Lorraine.

7) Princess Isabella of Parma

The princess was deeply in love with her husband’s sister, Archduchess Maria Christina. In order to express their love for each other, they wrote a number of letters to each other.

8) Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is an openly gay Indian prince who runs The Lakshya Trust. Manavendra is the son and the successor of the Maharaja of Rajpipla in Gujarat.

9) Catherine – Empress of Russia

She was a strong female leader of her time and of course, she had many enemies. Many of her enemies began rumours about the legendary monarch, claiming she took female lovers and died whilst having sex with a horse.

10) Elizabeth I

Rumours have surrounded the powerful Elizabeth’s sexuality for centuries, with some suggesting the ‘Virgin Queen’ was actually a lesbian. However, she was unmarried and the queen had a series of male suitors.

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