10 Genius Food Hacks

10 Genius and Helpful Tips for Food and Kitchen

As anyone who has done some cooking knows, cooking is both art and science. There are thousands of little shortcuts and techniques one can learn to make a meal faster, better and more delicious, and so I do hope you will find the following useful enough to add to your growing knowledge of the art of food.

1. Keep your cake from drying out by placing a piece of bread on it overnight.


2. How to make cookies without eggs!


3. If you don’t want your potatoes to bud, place an apple with them and they won’t.

IMG_31914. How to perfectly boil an egg 


5. How to make dried fruit using your oven.

dried fruit

6. To keep your salad fresh and avoid sogginess, place a paper towl over it.

paper towel

7. Make corn without the hairy mess. 


8. Not all teas are to be brewed the same…


9. How to heat your leftovers more evenly.


10. Is your egg fresh? Find out once and for all.


Remember all these food hacks. They will surely make your life easier!!

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