High Life 10 Hottest Weather Girls On The Planet

10 Hottest Weather Girls On The Planet

A few years ago when there was a time of ancient weather reporting, fat male weatherman used to deliver the insights of climate. But, time has changed and so are the reporters. Nowadays, beautiful, gorgeous and sensuous female models sorry reporters predict the weather and it feels like they are doing some kind of courtesy on us. Anyway, according to The Man Guide, here is the list of 10 hottest weather girls on the planet:

1. Yanet Garcia – Televisa (Mexico)

?☀️? Mexican Weather Girl ?? #tigres ??

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Yanet Garcia is a Mexican weather girl reporter. She has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

2. Mayte Carranco – Televisa (Mexico)

NIGHT !! ?????❤️ #MayteCarranco

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Mayte Carranco is also a Mexican weather girl reporter.

3. Janice Villagran – Estrella TV (Los Angeles, California)

Janice Villagran is a journalist and popular weather presenter. She has mainly worked as a weather presenter & has appeared on a few games shows as a guest.

4. Lluvia Carrillo – Televisa (Mexico)


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Lluvia Carrillo is a weather girl. Her first name means “rain” in Spanish.

5. Carolina Ramirez Ayala – Univision (Miami, Florida)

#Radavision #blackandwhite #earlybird ???

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Carolina Ramirez Ayala is not only a well-known TV anchor but also a great actress who has featured in a couple of movies.

6. Sandra Ryncarz – Telewizja Superstacja (Poland)

#polishgirl #polishmum #instamums #today ✌?

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Sandra Ryncarz reports the weather for a polish TV station that goes by the name Telewizja Superstacja.

7. Leticia Castro – KXTV (Sacramento, California)

Besides appearing as KXTV’s weather girl, Leticia Castro has also served as a ring announcer for MTV2’s Lucha Libre USA “Masked Warriors.”

8. Sian Welby – Channel 5 (UK)

Bit of neon for tonight's H-Lolz! Styling @fragglejury ? Necklace @sparklingjewellery Dress @oasisfashion

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Sian Welby is an English television and radio presenter, best known for her work with Channel 5, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

9. Vania Manzano – Azteca TV (Mexico)

Vania Manzano started out as a television and fashion model. She previously worked as a sports anchor as well.

10. Prissila Sanchez – Univision (San Antonio, Texas)

Llego la mitad de semana, que tengan bonito día ?❤️

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