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Trending 10 Hottest Women Celebrities of Middle East, See Their Immense Beauty Without...

10 Hottest Women Celebrities of Middle East, See Their Immense Beauty Without Burqa

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Popular Forbes magazine has recently issued a list of top 100 celebrities of Arab countries. This 2017 list includes many famous women celebrities of middle-east. These celebrities are from modeling to acting world. These are famous worldwide for their immense beauty. These celebrities are active in the fashion world, modeling and blogging.

Interestingly, unlike the most of women of Arab countries, these celebrities wear western dresses and look hot. other celebrities from Arab countries see this celebrity in western dress. These celebrities are also quite active on social media and have millions of followers. 

Forbes Middle-East had so far issued the list of the richest persons of the Arab countries. Although this is happening for the first time, it has released a list of top celebrities from Arab countries. Interestingly, in the top 5 celebrities on the list, 3 are women. Check them out:

1) Nancy Ajram

Country: Lebanon

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 4.81 Crore

2) Elissa Zakaria

Country: Lebanon

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 4.31 Crore

3) Najwa Karam

Country: Lebanon

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 2.65 Crore

4) Assala Nasri

Country: Syria

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 2.26 Crore

5) Ahlam Alshamsi

Country: UAE

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 2.15 Crore

6) Sherine Abdel Wahab

Country: Egypt

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 2.25 Crore

7) Cyrine Abdel Nour

Country: Lebanon

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 1.62 Crore

8) Amal Maher

Country: Egypt

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 1.31 Crore

9) Myriam Fares

Country: Lebanon

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 2.31 Crore

10) Samira Said

Country: Morocco

Profession: Singer

Social Media Followers: 83 Lakhs

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