Infotainment 10 Inspiring Women Who Totally Changed Our Perception of Beauty, Watch Their...

10 Inspiring Women Who Totally Changed Our Perception of Beauty, Watch Their Motivational Video!

Not all people are born with same qualities, powers and intelligence. Some are born with extras and some with lacks. However, some are so strong that they find perfections in their imperfections too. They make a difference and become an inspiration for all, especially for those who thinks they are less worth than others. Here are 10 women who set a beautiful example that anyone can become anything he/she aspire to be if they believe their inner powers.

1) Winnie Harlow

She is a Canadian fashion model born with skin condition vitiligo. She accepted her individuality and followed her dream to become a fashion model. Now she is among the top most favored models of America.

2) Viktoria Modesta

Popular model, singer and songwriter Modesta has only one leg as she lost it due to the negligence of doctors during her birth. She made her weakness her strength and now ruling the chartbusters.

3) Madeline Stuart

20 years old Madeline Stuart is an Australian model dealt with down syndrome. She is a runway model and living her dream.

4) Casey Legler

As being criticized for her masculine looks, she made her weakness her strength and signed as a male model for Ford Model.

5) Masha Tyelna

She was criticized for having really big eyes! She accepted her ‘alien’ eyes and now sizzling the runway.

6) Diandra Forrest

The first model with Albinism signed by a popular modeling agency.

7) Carmen Dell ‘Orifice

She is 85-year old American model and actress known for being the world’s oldest working model.

8) Denise Bdot

Those who thinks to be fat means you are not beautiful, she is an inspiration for you. She is the first plus-sized model to blaze the runway.

9) Erika Erwin

She took her unusual height as a blessing and became the tallest model of the world.

10) Moffy

She is a cross-eyed model, she recognized her inner strength and succeeded fashion world.

Watch their inspiring video here:

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