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10 KRK Tweets So Shitty That They Are Funny

KRK is someone who has really made twitter in india entertaining as hell! Believe it or not he is one man who can openly pick up fights with celebrities, send them, kisses or kicks, Abuse them or praise(that too with a threat) within the confines of the 140 character limit. You can Love KRK or hate KRK but you certainly Can’t ignore KRK! Here are some of the most iconically epic KRK tweets that will have you downright on your knees in a fit of laughter! Enjoy!

1. krkfunny1 2. krkfunny3 3. krkfunny4 4. krkfunny7 5. krkfunny11 6. krkrfunny6 7. krkfunny12 8. krkrfunny2 9. krkfunny3 11. krkfunny1 12. krkfunny7 13. krkfunny4

14. krkrfunny7 15. krkrfunny8KRK is the most entertaining fellow ain’t he?

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