High Life Women 10 Most Common Mistakes Girls Do Everyday Unintentionally With Their Undergarments

10 Most Common Mistakes Girls Do Everyday Unintentionally With Their Undergarments

Girls love to dress up, wear fit clothes which complement their bodies and personality. Every girl possesses unique personality and dressing style, but every girl faces the exact same problem like any other girl out there that is wearing such undergarment which is ” perfect size”, there is no such thing like that, bra size comes in 28, 30 or 32 it does not come in 29,31 or etc. There is hardly any women or girl who gets exact bra or panty her size. Wearing a wrong size bra or panty creates just embarrassment nothing else.

Trying Wearing imaginary perfect size of Bra

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Exact Bra size will make you feel and look more confident.

Hook Up your bra always in the middle hook

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This will keep you relaxed and help your bra grow or shrink.

wear Panty in the day

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It saves you from some embarrassing malfunctions.

Feel Free at night, while sleeping

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Wear Stripless Bras

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If you are planning to wear a dress which you know might make your bra visible, you can wear strapless bras in order to go strapless. If you want to wear a gown with no collar or on casual days, if you want to wear net suit or shirt. Than, strapless bra is the correct choice for you.

Matching Garments

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Try to wear matching undergarments, for example, you are going to wear a white color suite then you should wear white color undergarments both bra nad panty. Wearing matching undergarments will save your time and will be easier for you to carry yourself.

Sports bra – Really sporty

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Sports Bra is very sporty when it comes to running, exercising, working , college, it gives sport to your cleavage. A sports bra is best as it has no hooks ! Yes, you know they are flexible and can adjust to any size. From small size to largest, it comes in all color also. The best brands are Nivea, Nike , and Jockey.

Slips or Spanx

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You can also try wearing slips or Spanx as they can enhance your body appearance, in case you are on the heavy side then they are a perfect option for you, wearing Spanx will make your body slim with time.

Wash it yourself

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Everybody have washing- machines at their home nowadays, we usually wash all of our clothes in washing machine. But, it makes bra straps and hooks get damaged by the washing of machine. As the material or stuffing of a bra is delicate. It should be washed with your hands, that way it can be used longer.

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