poisness mashrooms

In fact, It is well known that you have to be careful with eating, sometimes touching) mushrooms. The 10 listed below are the ones you really should leave out.

1. Vomit russula

This mushroom looks cheerful with a red cap and has a delicious fruity scent. If you eat it, it won’t make you vomit, as the name might suggest. However, you will spend a lot of time on your toilet and feel very unhappy.

2. Parasol mushroom (pale pink)

All parasol fungi are poisonous, but the pale pink takes the cake and can cost you your life. The poison amaxtoxin is also released when touched or inhaled. It is better to stay away from this mushroom.

3. Ink mushroom

The ink agaric doesn’t look very attractive. If you have received it anyway, then there is still little to worry about. However, if you drink something that contains alcohol within 3 days, this will react with a substance in the mushroom and you will not feel comfortable.

4. Pantheramanite

A mean mushroom you may say. It is sometimes used as a drug with many risks. If you ingest a little too much, your trip will end in convulsions, coma and then death.

5. Fly Agaric

Known because gnomes like to sit on it? It is better not to teach your children that the fly agaric is a funny mushroom, despite the cheerful hat, red with white dots. There is a strong hallucinogen in this common fungus.

6. Big Bone Mushroom

People who have eaten the fungus call this mushroom a true delicacy. At least if they survived. The chewing mushroom is full of the deadly poison gyromitrine. It is said that this poison could become harmless when dried or cooked. Its trade is banned almost everywhere.

7. Bundlemoss Clock

An innocent name for a real killer. If you take this bite, a quick hospitalization and a new liver is your only chance of survival. There is also a bundle fungus that is completely harmless. You might want to leave them both alone.

8. Toxic Curtain Fungus

As the name suggests, there are also curtain mushrooms that are not poisonous. The specimens with purple, orange and red caps are often extremely poisonous. They are not easy to distinguish from the edible species. If you have eaten the wrong one, you will not notice anything for 10 days. Then your kidneys give out.

9. Yellow Tuber Manite

The yellow tubercle has a green brother that you better not get your hands on. A yellow one has the smell of raw potatoes. It is not a good idea to take these with you for a meal. The only difference is that you have to eat more of the yellow one than the green one to not survive.

10. Green Tuber Manite

This tuberous manite looks very much like an ordinary meadow mushroom and you can safely worry about that, because the nickname of the green tuberous manite is ‘death angel’. If you ingest 30 grams or more of it, that is a lethal dose. Check very carefully if you are going to look for meadow mushrooms.

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