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10 Most Tragic Images of Sri Lanka’s Multiple Easter Blasts That Killed 290 People

This Easter Sunday for Sri Lanka on April 21, 2019, turned out to be the most saddening one. Many innocent people lost their lives in the multiple bomb attacks that hit Sri Lanka. At least 290 people have been killed and 500 more injured in a series of explosions targeting churches holding Easter services and hotels in Sri Lanka.

According to the latest reports, until now no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, Sri Lanka’s defence minister, Ruwan Wijewardene, said the culprits had been identified and were religious extremists. Twenty-four people have been reported to have been arrested so far.

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Once again due to some people’s psychotic mentality many lost their lives. Many children become orphans, women become widows, some lost their children or siblings. Here are some of the most distressing photos of the dreadful blasts in Sri Lanka.

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