Aparshakti Khurana Paid A Visit To Baba ka Dhaba In Delhi

Aparshakti Khurana, posted a video on his Instagram after he visited an old couple's food stall named Baba ka Dhaba. Watch video...
Entertainment 10 Pictures That Prove Indians Just Don't Care About The Entire World

10 Pictures That Prove Indians Just Don’t Care About The Entire World

#1 Economy is just a word

#2 Wow!!! A bar for Child

#3 F**K the technology, I’m already advanced

#4 Sarcastic? Haha no, we even don’t know this word!!!

#5 Kottayam!!!

#6 Oh wow! It looks like they care!!!

#7 Even the animals…

#8 His upcoming generations, Ughh Lets not talk!!

#9 We design our logos, however the hell we want.

#10 Advertising is the game of our left hand!!!

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