10 Prehistoric Creatures That Are Still Alive


Stunning animals like mastodons, goliath ground sloths, saber-toothed felines and even critical wolves (that’s right, they were a genuine article — not simply a “Round of Thrones” dream) have tragically become terminated since the last ice age finished around 11,700 years back. In any case, that doesn’t mean you’re in a tight spot in observing ancient creatures today. There are still a lot of untamed life species that originate before written history, and they even exist as they did while wandering with our undergarment clad predecessors.

A portion of these creatures must be found in zoos and ensured nature jam on the grounds that their populaces are beginning to fall, or they are now imperiled. Others can at present be found in the wild — and possibly in your own lawn.

Any place you see them, these antiquated creatures make certain to rouse wonder.

1. Gharial

2. Comodo Dragon

3. Shoebill Stork

4. Bactrian Camel

5. Echidna

6. Musk Oxen

7. Vicuna

8. Chambered Nautilus

The chambered nautilus, Nautilus pompilius. Steinhart Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences. Photos by Kathryn Whitney. Copyright- California Academy of Sciences, all rights reserved.

9. Babirusa

10. Tapir

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