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10 Quotes from Kanhaiya Kumar's speech at JNU

10 Quotes from Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech at JNU

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The Nation has a new leader, a student union president who has turned the attention away from the PM and has shifted it on to himself. Kanhaiya Kumar the JNUSU president gave a speech after coming back to where it all started for him. A speech such that the whole nation couldn’t turn him down. He had the attention of all the big media houses.Kanhaiya Kumar Is Out Of Jail And Look What He Has To Say To PM Modi

Here are a few quotes from Kanhaiya’s speech that moved the nation:

  • I come from a village where there are a magic shows. People show magic and sell rings that fulfill all wishes…We have some people like that in our country, who say black money will come back, sabka saath sabka vikas (development for all).


  • I salute those soldiers dying at the borders. But what about farmers committing suicides in abject poverty? Those farmers are the fathers of majority of those soldiers. My father is a farmer, my brother is a soldier.


  • If you speak against this anti-people government, then their cyber-cell will send doctored videos, they will abuse you and count how many condoms there are in your dustbin.


  • They said I raised slogans about freedom. They asked me why I wanted freedom from India. But I want to set this straight. I do not want freedom from India, but freedom in India.


  • We will fight for Umar (Khalid) and Anirban (Bhattacharya). Let the courts decide what is ‘deshdroh’ (anti-national) and what is ‘deshbhakti’ (patriotism), Madam Smriti Irani will not decide this because we are not her children.


  • We truly believe in democracy and Constitution. We don’t look at the ABVP as an enemy, we look at them like the Opposition.


  • Modiji only says ‘mann ki baat’, but doesn’t listen to it.



  • The more you suppress us we will stand up more. It’s a long fight. We will continue fight without bowing down. We will fight against RSS and BJP. We have created history we will create history. We will fight. We will win.


  • Do not try to separate the constable, the farmer, the soldier, poor people like me, by creating distorted binaries. I salute the soldiers but have you ever thought of their families, the families of farmers who are forced to commit suicide?


  • 69 per cent of the country do not believe in your (BJP) ideology. Even the 31 per cent who voted for you were fooled by your jumla. We Indians forget easily but we still remember all the ‘jumla’ used during election campaign.

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