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High Life Why Mauritius Is The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Why Mauritius Is The Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination

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Mauritius is quite rightly called the Paradise Island for its ethereal beaches with soothing powdery white sands and magical blue waters. Its an unbelievably romantic place with great adventures to explore. For the blissful newly-weds Mauritius can be the most romantic honeymoon destination. Here are the 10 great reasons why:

1. Beaches: Tropical Sweetness

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No honeymoon is complete without a fairytale kind romantic mid-night candle-light date on one of the endless white sand beaches for a blissful time soaking up the sun with your partner. The Island’s finest beaches like Grand Bay, Pereybere, Belle Mare, and Blue Bay give you the right excuse to cuddle with your partner on the cool sand. Naughty adventure on your mind? Book a parasailing session and hold her through the ride or take her on a fun-filled ski ride.

2. Cars On Hire: Drive Away

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Mauritius is the best place for romantic short roadtrips with your partner. The island has an extensive motorway and widespread coastal roads. While taxis could be expensive and time consuming, a car is at your disposal 24/7. Take a romantic scenic drive from Pamplemousse towards Pieter Both or down south to Chemin Grenier and Le More. Nothing matches the freedom of driving around with your partner to explore the beauty of the island.

3. Go on a Shopping Spree

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Being on a honeymoon is exactly why you should go out on a shopping spree on this exotic Island.  The island is a shopping paradise with reasonable prices, quality products and amazing range. Some of the places to visit in Mauritius for shopping include Grand Baie Bazar, Goodlands, Quatre Bornes and so on. So you won’t miss out on the chance of buying a sexy short dress to seduce him all night long!

4. Food Love: Street Food To Fine Dine

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Mauritius offers you a vareity of different food with Chinese, Indian, Creole and African influences over it. Make sure you experience both street as well as a  fine romantic dinner date. The dholl puri served with chilli paste is a must try from mauritian streets. Dewa & Sons on Rose Hill and Chapeau La Paille in Port Louis are the best places to try these.

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On the other hand Oberoi and other fine hotels and resorts offer in house set up to enjoy a private romantic dinner with your loved one.

5. chamarel village: The Seven Colored Land

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The little village of Chamarel is located in south mauritius and is one of the most famous mauritian attractions. The village is famous for its naturally colored land as a result of some geological process depicting wonderful hues of purple, yellow, red and orange. Make sure to keep this on the top of your list whenever you visit mauritius.

6. The Treasure Island

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A Super awesome mauritius attraction that you just can’t afford to miss on your honeymoon is the Ile aux Cerfs or popularly known as the Treasure Island which is loacted off the east coast. It is picturesque getaway for a romantic and secluded dates on the spectacular pearly white sand beaches lined with palm tress and turqoise blue waters. There are many things that can be planned for your treasure island trip such as a barbeque dinner date with your partner or parasailing for the more adventurous lot.

7. Relaxing Mauritian Spas

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You simply can’t run short of things to do in Mauritius, and relishing a spa treatment definitely tops the chart. The Spa at Four Season Resort Mauritius at Anahita is one place where you will find a mix of Indian, African, Chinese and European therapeutic spas. You and your partner would love to be buffed with their signature Mauritian fusion spas and massage.

8. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

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This garden is truly the best scenic treat located in the southern hemisphere of the island. The lush landscape of the garden makes it certainly one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. You can Explore the various species which are more than 85 varieties of palm trees and other flora. Apart from the greenery, there are fish ponds laid beautifully inside that will make your visit even more worthwhile.

9. The Grand Basin

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The Grand basin located High up in the mountains, almost 1800 feet above sea level, lies a breathtaking lake and is also considered to be a sacred lake as per Hindu beliefs. This interesting legend must make a part of your places to visit in Mauritius as it is believed that the waters inside the crater communicates with the waters of holy Ganges of India. All the more reason for Indians to visit!

10. The Thrill Of Sky Diving

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If you and your partner are an adrenaline junkie and can bond over some extreme adventure sports then sky diving in mauritius is the thing for you. Mauritian Summer season is the best to enjoy and experience the thrill of it. Head to the north east side of the island to experience the spectacular aerial view with approximately 10,000 sq ft skydive. The panoramic view of mauritius will you spellbound by its beauty!

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