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10 Red Haired Celebrities That Are Just Mesmerizing

10 Red Haired Celebrities That Are Just Mesmerizing


People are so mesmerized by red hair, it’s probably due to the fact that natural red locks are quite rare. Mostly, celebrities and beauty bloggers have been creating the buzz for trying the ruddy tones for their natural hair colour. From light copper to true red to dark auburn, there’s seriously a hair color for everyone

The ladies on the list have natural and dyed red locks and undoubtedly they know how to rock these fascinating colours. Keep scrolling this list of red-haired beauties that may inspires your next dye job.

1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively Red Hair

Blake Lively is a American actress. Known for her glamorous style and her acting roles in CW’s Gossip Girl, and 2016’s critically acclaimed film The Shallows. Blake Lively dyed her hair red for her role in superhero movie Green Lantern. This rich copper colour is proof that the actress can pull off any hair look.

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2. Jessica Chastain

Jessica chastain red hair

Known to prepare extensively for her roles, Jessica has been nominating for two Academy Award for her roles in Zero Dark Thirty and The Help. Jessica has natural red hair and has been featured in top magazines. 

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