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World 10 Shocking Facts: Were Lincoln And Kennedy The Same Person ?

10 Shocking Facts: Were Lincoln And Kennedy The Same Person ?

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Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were both considered as people’s President and were very famous among people and that is the reason they don’t need further description, they are already in people’s heart. But for once imagine that these two different people were just two different bodies with the same old soul or is it possible that people can time travel? Ok, so let’s give you a chance to decide by conjoining these facts together to come to a conclusion.

10 Shocking Facts: Were Lincoln And Kennedy The Same Person ?
source: strange history

FACT 1: Both Lincoln and Kennedy were concerned with Civil Rights.

FACT 2: Lincoln was elected President in 1860; Kennedy in 1960

FACT 3: Both were assassinated on a Friday and in front of their wives.

FACT 4: Both were shot from behind and in the head.

FACT 5: Both their successors were named Johnson, were Southern Democrats, both were in the Senate.

10 Shocking Facts: Were Lincoln And Kennedy The Same Person ?
source: unique explorer

FACT 6: Both President’s wives lost children through death while in the White House.

FACT 7: Lincoln’s secretary name was Kennedy, advised him not to go to the theater. Kennedy’s secretary name was Lincoln, advised him not to go to Dallas.

FACT 8: John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln a theater and ran to a warehouse   whereas Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from the warehouse and ran into a theater.

FACT 9: Both assassins were killed before being brought to the trial.

FACT 10: Both Johnsons were opposed by men in re-election whose name started with letter “G”.

source: us history

These facts are mindblowing but it cannot be just a part of same assassination plan there was something more to it, something that gives you chills when you read these facts. Is time travel possible or is it some part of a miracle plan which is hard for us to understand. How can everything be so con-incidental? Is it coincidence or synchronicity because everything happens for a reason. But it still remains a mystery for the people to find out.

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