10 Signs That You Studied in an Engineering College

1. Forgetting which subject’s lecture you are attending

You only attended the lectures because attendance was compulsory. You pushed through the 8-5 classes like a zombie. You always wondered why this subject was required in engineering….. Now, that is enough.

2. Last night studying for exams

You had the ability to study a 500 page book in one night. Studying regularly did not come naturally to you. Such students were a rare species.. Maggi was the only companion you had!!

3. Old Monk/Blender’s Pride ki kasamein


They became your best friends in times of joy and sadness. Maal/Stuff were your staple food. A visit to Kasol in Himachal was on the top of your “Places to visit” list.

4. Bathing was never a priority


You could go days or even months without taking a bath. Who had the time to take a bath for an 8 am class?

5. You addressed your friends with their Counter Strike aka CS usernames


Don’t even need to explain what this game has meant for engineers. It is their holy grail for survival in the engineering world. Being crowned the champion in this game became the ultimate goal for every guy.

6. Fourth year was all about pretending as if you cared about your future


There was so much pressure on you from your parents and teachers to get a placement. All that mattered to you were the college trips that you were going to take in the last semester. It is another thing if you did not complete your degree in 4 years!!

7. You always felt that there were no beautiful boys/girls in your college

“Ghar ki murgi daal barabar”. This saying correctly depicts the feelings you had towards the boys/girls of your college. 99% of the beautiful girls or handsome boys were in the other colleges and you were left with only 1% of them. You were looking for every chance to go visit another college.

8. Failing in an exam was a matter of pride


Topping the class in a test was never an achievement for you. Failing was considered a milestone !! It gave you a chance to bond with your old friend,Old monk/Blender’s Pride.

9. Booking train tickets for Diwali holidays was the mission of your life


The tickets for Diwali season used to sell out 2-3 months in advance. You had to fight to get those tickets. It seemed like the entire Indian population wanted them. Then when you got tickets in waiting, a seat near the toilet in the train was the only option left.

10. College was more about other things than engineering


The last night studying, midnight snacks, mass bunks, being thrown out of the class or being called to the college Head’s office are the moments that you remember and cherish.