First Love is truly the most cherishable and an unforgettable experience. No matter how hard you try or how many haircuts you get or weight you lose or better guys you date, you still go back to those thoughts of your first love that light a fire within you and warm your heart with an undying spirit.

Here are 10 signs that, which if you’re having, clearly mean you still feel for your first love

1. You think about them very often


You may not even do that intentionally but whenever you’re alone pondering over certain things and the train of thought leads you right at their doorstep.
2. You check their social networking profiles more often than they do 


And again you just can’t resist taking a look at the new photo that they uploaded or probably just to get any updates about their life or stuff. But you’re heart always gives a jerk before checking out their ‘relationship status.’
3. You Daydream about them


Ohh yes! Between slumber taking over you and shutting those eyes for rest, you can’t help but dream about them. It’s wickedly magical how easily they slip into your thoughts and float across deepest weaves of your dreams.
4. You compare every other guy/girl with them

Attractive Woman Listening to Her Boyfriend


Umm, yes well, not to offend anybody but yes you secretly compare little habits and bits of basic behaviour of every other person you meet with them. Not to know how good he/she were with you but only because you miss them so much.

5. Never dying hope of reunion


The distance in miles or in the walks of lives don’t matter so much when you start hoping for a dreamy reunion. The glow of love lights your heart and soul with just a thought of having them close to you again.
6. Urge to revisit old places


You always face a surging urge to visit the places that you once visited with them. To see if those places have changed as well just the times have since you were togeher. Those lanes that you walked hand in hand and that old battered road to college that seemed the sweetest distance you ever travelled.
7. Wanting to know more but showing the least


Whenever you hear their name amongst a casual chatter with mutual friends you play the poker face showing least how you feel inside for them. Your heart maybe dancing to an upbeat tune in your bosom but You try to cooly get out as much information about them as you can without letting the cool facade leave your face.
8. Getting Nostalgic over music


Music binds you to emotions in such a way that nothing else seems to when you’re deeply and profoundly in love. Every love song will remind you of something that they ever did or said and will make you nostalgic to an unkown limit. Only the songs that you once listened to together will sound a sweet melody to ears.
9. Dealing With their moving on


Knowing that they have moved on and dealing with it seems like the hardest thing you had to do which probably really is. A news of their new gf/bf or enagement or marriage sends a shiver down the spine and the world seems like the darkest and coldest place.
10. Remembering things to tiny details   


Remembering things about a person you spent time with is quite normal but remembering every tiny detail about every moment like the flutter of your heart during the first rainfall you walked in, the first touch of his/her warm hand on a cold winter morning, their ‘birthday’ even after 10 years, any moment that you spent together and was special in some way means you’re still crazily and madly in love with them.

If you still feel or go through any of these signs for your first love or anybody that you have ever loved then probably you should let them know and not miss out on the chance to have them back in your life. Losing someone you love over any issue is definitely not worth at all.