Diwali is just around the corner and there are good chances are that you will be going for those Casino-feel type card parties. Whether you’re playing with relatives, close friends or family when you get your hand at the cards you are there to win against all.

And when its about opponenets or the people you are playing with, these stereotypical people you will surely meet at every  card party

The one who knows nothing about the game but is always there to try his hand.

But he won’t listen to you when you explain him the rules because he’s irritating

The onw who’s real inneterst is not in the game but in the food.


The one who shuffles like a pro!

And the other one who pretends to shuffle like a pro but always messes it up.


The indecesive isiot who takes a whole while alot to decide every move

The guy who always remembers his turn once it has been skipped.


The intense player who wants to win by hook or crook.

The Crazy fellow who will follow every rule till everyone gets sick.


The sneaky Little cheating prick who will cheat his way to win.

The One who will get his buy in through Udhaar!

The pro who will win and leave you empty pockets..

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