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High Life 10 Super Quick Healthy Indian Breakfast Dishes For A Power Packed Day

10 Super Quick Healthy Indian Breakfast Dishes For A Power Packed Day

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We have often heard the doctors and the dieticians tell us that a good healthy breakfast is what you need to start a long and hectic day. A power packed and yummy meal in the morning will keep you going the whole day with energy and vigour.

You must be thinkinh that who can afford the time in the morning for an elaborate breakfast. Right? Well, you don’t need to worry at all because we have your quick breakfast menu sorted.

1. Aloo Parantha  Aloo-Paratha

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Paranthas as we all know are indian stuffed breads and are the most popular breakfast dish especially in north india. For this, however, you can prepare the stuffing at night so that there is not much to do in the morning.

2. Dosa dosa

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 Prepare a good whole wheat dosa, also known as ‘adhai’ for a healthy breakfast if you are bored from your daily cereal and oats breakfast. Pre-mixed dosa batters are also available in the stores and taste just as fine.

3. Idli  




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 Idlis are light fluffy cakes made from rice flour batter. It is rich in vitamins and carbohydrates to kick start your day with energy. You can also try eating your idli with honey, peanut butter or nutela.

4. Upma upma

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A perfect south indian breakfast made from ‘suji’ can be prepared in jiffy. Also, you can add green veggies to make it healthier with carbohydrates and iron to keep you on your toes on a busy day.

5. Poha poha

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These are Flattened rice and takes very little time to be prepared, it tastes great and makes for a filling meal too. Throw in some peas and veggies to make it more nutritious, and remember to use a non stick pan so that you use as little oil as possible.

6. Sabudana Khichdi   Sabudana-Khichdi

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This will serve as a perfect breakfast dish for those looking for an energising yet light on tummy dish. It is rich in carbs but contains less fat and can be digested easily.

7. Eggs and Omelettes    masala-omelette

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A delicious Masala omlete, or hard-boiled eggs, an egg sandwich and bhurji are healthy and popular breakfast dishes. A masala omlette or bhurji will even satisfy the urge to have a masale-daar meal.

8.  Khakra:  khakra

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Khakra is a stiff nad crispy Gujarati Roti. It serves as a great breakfast item. You can have it with curd, chutney, ghee or even cheese and honey. For the more health conscious lot, diet khakras are also available.

9.  Daliya:  daliya

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Daliya is also eaten as a snack, it is a light and healthy dish which makes it an excellent breakfast choice. Daliya is basically unrefined wheat, is full of complex carbohydrates and fibres and can be prepared with almost no effort. You can make it sweet or salty as per your choice. Nuts or veggies in either of your choice will add a yummy touch.

10. Sandwich:   sandwich

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A sandwich filled with tomatoes, potato, chutney and other healthy veggies can work well for a busy day. It is filling enough to keep you satiated till you get a chance dig into your next  meal. You can also get crafty with the fillings as per your personal choice.

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