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10 Things Found On Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Work Station


Mark Zuckerberg, youngest entrepreneur billionaire and Facebook CEO has a very humble yet cool work station at Facebook’s New Headquarters called the MPK20 which has a massive 40,000 sq. feet area. However, the Coolest CEO has a compact and state of the art desk on which these 10 things found space.

facebook city

1. A stack of books he’s reading for his ‘Year of Books’ challenge
2. The new Facebook logo printed on a plank of wood, gifted by the people who designed it

3. A model of a satellite the company is working on
4. A book written by his Laser Communications team
5. Some cool spray-paint art in black that says ‘Zuckerberg’

6. A neatly folded black Facebook t-shirt 
7. A stuffed Facebook-blue dinosaur toy
8. An Apple MacBook

9. A funky wireless speaker
10. A white and orange aerosol bottle

Mark Zuckerberg’s work station is the simplest and coolest work station a CEO of a Tech Giant can ever have! Shows how really simple, down to earth and a cool person he really is.

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