Living in a Hostel can be great experience. The fun with friends and the sneaking out at night, silly fights with the warden and so much more, only if food was not such an issue.

Here are 10 such things that only hostel students can relate to

1. You terribly miss ‘ghar ka khana.’  rajma-chawal

Ufff.. maa k haath k Rajma chawal

2. Maggi was the staple food. maggi

#MeriMaggi.. lost weight since its ban.

3. Can’t eat food all alone- rule from ‘Bhukkad‘ friends. hostel-food

Akele akele kha liya

4. Chai, coffee keeps coming in exams. chai

Cutting chai and extra strong coffee

5. Mess food is definitely a mess. mess

Oh lord! Have mercy on our souls..

6. Chocolate is the currency for getting your assignments done by friends. chocolate

*Badi assignment ki 2 chocolates, badi wali dairy milk* Inflation has struck the nation everywhere.

7. Sneaking the booze in for midnight parties. booze

Beer pong game in room no. 12

8. Gatecrashing the weddings. gatecrashing-wedding

An Empty envelope and a little insult is a small price to pay for delicious unlimited food. *mmm*

9. Forced pizza parties for topping the class. pizza

5 marks k liye party kaisi?

10. Stress eating with Biscuits and chips. lays

Putting on weight is no longer an issue.

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