Makeup is the love of your life. It might be a way of life for you. You love it and can’t get enough of it. You probably started playing with your Mom’s lipstick when you were a kid, and have been at it ever since.

1. You will always have a backup career as a makeup artist.

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2. You try a lot of brands, but you have that one particular brand that you will never stop loving.


3. You are the makeup artist for any event in your friend’s life.


4. You actually understand the value of “less is more”.

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5. Mascara and Eyeliner are your soul mates.


6. As you wear makeup on a daily basis, your day and night skin routine are a must.


7. Very few people have seen your face without makeup.

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8. It irks you when you see someone with a badly shaped eyeliner.

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9. “Love yourself the way you are, without makeup.” Fuck them. You love yourself and you that is why you want to enhance your beauty.

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10. You could write a book on the differences between day cream and night cream.


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