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High Life 10 Times When Death Came To People As The Biggest Irony In...

10 Times When Death Came To People As The Biggest Irony In Life

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The biggest certainty of life is Death itself! And so death is undoubtedly unevitable and unavoidable but we as humans fear and apprehend as to how and when shall we meet our end. Sometimes death greets us as an old friend, very peacefully and well others are just not! But then there are those which come as the strangest irony that hits you right in the balls! Not mocking anybody’s death in any way but these are the 10 times when death came to people as the biggest irony in life.

The owner of Segway died after he drove off a cliff while riding a SEGWAY!

segway (1)

The owner of the Scooter company Segway inc., Jimi Heseldon died from falling off a cliff which he drove off while riding a Segway!

Garry Hoy Died falling off a Window while Demonstrating the strength of Unbreakable glass.


Hoy a lawyer in the Toronto Law Firm died falling off a window from 24th storey while he was demonstrating the strength of unbreakable glass. In that ordeal, Garry threw himself at the window glass which did not break but somehow the window panes gave away resulting in Hoy’s tragic fall!

Jerome Moody drowned at a Pool Party which was being hosted for Life Guards.


Although jerome himself wasn’t a life guard but the party did have many life guards as guests who were celebrating their first drowning-free season. Jerome’s body was found at the bottom of the swimming pool after the party ended.

World’s Strongest Man died after getting stabbed with a nail in his knee!


Polish performer named Zishe Breitbat was known as the world’s strongest man during the 1920’s who was famous for his jovial performances such as climbing up a ladder carrying a baby elephant or lifting automobiles. However, he met his end by getting stabbed with a nail in the knee as the wound got infected to which he succumbed.

A murderer who Died the same way he killed his Girlfriend..


Mel Ignatow, a convicted murderer who killed his girlfriend by tying her to a glass table and slicing her met the same end as Years later he himself fell on the glass table and died from severe cuts.

Jim Fixx wrote a Book on Running and Died doing the same..


Jim Fixx wroet a whole book with the benefits of running and later died while he was doing his favorite thing due to a heart attack.

Woman Woke up at her Funeral only to Die for Real This time..


A woman named Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was declared dead by doctors and as his loved ones gathered to pay her their last respects she woke up at he rown funeral. Shocked to see herself in a coffin, she died for real with a heart attack!

This lawyer accidentally shot Himself while trying to explain to the judge how a person could accidentally shoot himself.


Clement Vallandigham was fighting for a case in the court room and trying to explain the judge how his client wa sinnocent and how a person can accidentally shoot himself. In that course he really did accidentally shot himself and died!

Bobby Leach survived a Fall from Niagra Falls only to die from a fall 4 feet in height.


Yep! This man survived faling from Niagra Falls in a barrel but died after he fell from a height of 4 feet when he slipped on an orange peel and suffered from major leg injuries. His leg injury got gangrene which had to be amputated which further led to many complications resulting in his death.

Hard to Believe isn’t it? Unfortunate but brutally true!

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