Oh, how we wished we could go back to our childhood. Not least because it was a time when we didn’t have a care in the world, but, for us, it was also the time when the best kid’s tele was on! Is it just us, or are children’s TV shows just not the same anymore? We’re not saying they’re bad, but those that were around in the nineties and early nineties just seemed to be so much better!

1. Shararat

Shararat…as the name suggests was a fun filled,naughty and entertaining programme.The story mainly is about 3 generation of women…what’s new??.. u may ask.The twist here was; they were not humans but fairies.

2. Shaktiman

It was a TV serial that told a superhero story. Mukesh Khanna made a good superhero and an even better alter ego. It was fun to watch and made for great conversation the next morning at school!!

3. Sonpari

maxresdefault (2)
Son Pari is the story of a young girl, Fruity, who meets a fairy. Fruity and Appy’s mother passes away, leaving a void in their lives that their father, Rohit, desperately tries to fill.

4. Aaryaman


It was another superhero story that was the most expensive indian tv show for a short period.

5. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

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Every kid would enjoy and relate to this serial as it depicts fantasies of every kid. It made the boring evenings exciting!!

6.Karishma ka Karishma

Remake of the american show Small Wonder, in which a scientist designs a life like robot. He wants to find if the robot will become more human as the time passes by.

7. Vikraal Gabraal

It was a horror series that aired every weekend. It centres around Gabroo and deals with Gabroo’s passion and ambition to become Gabraal – a ghostbuster who is just like his boss Vikraal.

8. Takeshi’s Castle

Why do I laugh at a 90 pound woman smashing into a brick wall on a rope? Maybe because she is in a duck costume, and comes up muddy and smiling? Simply the funniest show!!

9. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

In a sea of fake ‘reality’ shows of mind numbing boredom, sobbing sasu-mas and boohooing bahus, there is a stark paucity of genuinely funny shows on TV today. Sure there are good standup comedy shows to be seen, but no serial that comes close to the caliber of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.
10. Khichdi

Instant Khichdi is one serial which does not bore the audience viewers. It is perfect rest and relaxation for the time spent viewing this serial.

The 90’s can never come back but we can relive those times through re-runns of these shows being shown these days.


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