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High Life 11 Amazing Scientific Facts That You Never Learned In School

11 Amazing Scientific Facts That You Never Learned In School

Oxygen Has A Colour

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We know then while in the state of gas, oxygen is colourless and odourless but in its liquid and solid form, it is pale blue in colour.

Only One Letter Doesn’t Appear in Periodic Table

You can even double check the periodic table you will not find letter “J” anywhere in the periodic table.

Bananas Are Radioactive

Bananas contain potassium, and since potassium decays, that makes them slightly radioactive. But don’t worry you have to eat 1,00,00000 bananas at once then you can die with radiation poisoning.

Humans Are Related To Fungi

According to 2015 study of Cambridge University, mankind may have evolved with genes that come from plants. Because of those findings, researchers accept that about 1 per cent of the human genome could have been acquired from plants, The Telegraph reports.

It Can Rain Diamonds On Other Planets

Indeed! This is a fact that there are four planets in our solar system where it can rain diamonds. This is because their atmospheric conditions and scientists proved that. These planets are Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune.

You Can Make Balls-Fly

Yes! this is pretty easy if you If you spin a ball when you drop it, it will fly through the air as it falls. This is called the Magnus effect, and it makes playing tennis and soccer a whole lot easier.

It’s Impossible to Burp In Space

Yes! because when we burp on earth it is due to gravity which keeps the down solid and liquid state of the food we ate. SWo, there is no gravity in space which makes it impossible to burp.

Men Are More Likely To Be Colourblind Than Women

Yeah! it is due to chromosomes. Because the genes which are required for colour blindness are found in X chromosomes.

Only One Type Of Mammal Has Wings

These mammals are bats, they can fly but are mammals.

Water Can Exists in Three States At Once

When water exists in solid, liquid and gas simultaneously this is called “Triple Boil”. but do not try this at home this requires certain temperature atmospheric conditions.

Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Coldwater

Scientists now believe this is because the velocities of water particles have a specific disposition while they’re hot that allows them to freeze more readily. This is called Mpemba effect, after a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba who told his teacher than a hot mixture of ice cream froze faster than a cold one.

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