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High Life 11 ways how smoking harms your body organs

11 ways how smoking harms your body organs

Smoking almost harms every organ in your body. Some are really very immediate. Let’s go through and find out how it affects your body parts.


  • Tired muscles

After smoking there is lack of oxygen in your muscles and they tire more easily causing high laziness and fatigue. Muscle building is a lot harder. Smokers have more muscles problems and pain.

  •  More Broken Bones

Ingredients in cigarette disrupt the natural cycle of bone health. Smoking lowers the bones density and thinning of bone tissue. This will cause bones to become weak and brittle as a result it takes longer for the broken bones to heal.

  • High white blood cell count

Whenever you smoke it harms your body as a result more number of white blood cells are released in your body increasing the risk of heart attack and cancer. This happens because white blood cells constantly fight with the toxic contents being released in body after smoking.

  • Longer to heal

Nutrients, minerals and oxygen are supplied to the tissue through blood streams. After smoking nicotine tightens the vessels resulting in longer for the wounds to heal.

  • Weakened immune system

Cigarette contains high level of tar and other chemicals making your immune system less effective at fighting off infections. This means you will be more prone of getting sick. It decreases your ability to fight off cancer.

  •  Erectile dysfunction

Smoking damages your genetic structure which there after is transferred into your offspring DNA. It is because of your addiction your new born also suffer a lot.

  • Belly

Smoking causes type-2 diabetes even if you are not a regular smoker you are more likely to serious diseases like blindness, heart disease, kidney failure. As a result smokers gain a heavy load of belly fat on heavy stomach.

  •  Cancer

A single puff of cigarette destroys the genetic material, effects cell growth and destroys the repair system of your body leading you to be more prone to death by cancer.

  • Lungs

Lungs are an essential part of your breathing criteria, since one starts smoking it destroy your respiratory system with toxic in your wind pipes.

  • Heart

Heart is more prone to a cardiac attack as the blood gets thicker and sticky this results more pressure on your heart. Whereas the brain receives less percentage of blood. The heart is more stressed and there are more fatty deposits.

  • Brain

Nicotine from cigarettes is as addictive as heroin. Nicotine addiction is hard to beat because it changes your brain. The brain develops extra nicotine receptors to accommodate the large doses of nicotine from tobacco. When the brain stops getting the nicotine it’s used to, the result is nicotine withdrawal. You may feel anxious, irritable, and have strong cravings for nicotine.

We all know how harmful smoking, it makes you look older, thins you hairs, effects your eyes, blackens your lips and most of does all of the above therefore it is very necessary for us to quit this dirtiest addiction of all. This is me Jasmeet Singh signing off may “The Great Almighty” provide you strength to fight this devil of yours within.

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