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High Life 11 Weddings That Are Just Too Weird To Understand

11 Weddings That Are Just Too Weird To Understand

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Love as we know has never had a definition. Love can happen to anyone and anywhere but with anything? Well, yes but not quite like this! I mean a woman fell in love with a wall? Or a man married a pillow? Just cause he slept with every night? :/ WEIRD! Now you may know that India is not the only land where women marry trees and dogs. Here are 11 weddings that are just too weird to understand..

1. Japanese man named Sal9000 married a character fom Nintendo DS Video Game.


This man married a Nene Anegasaki, a character from a virtual dating game of Nintendo DS video game “Love Plus”. He married it in Guam where it is legal to marry inanimate and imaginary objects.

2. Erika La Tour Eiffel married ‘The’ Eiffel Tower


Erika has had love affairs with objects before. Her first love was a bow which made her a great archer. She also claims to have physical relations with a piece of fence. But Eiffel Tower is her true love and so she also got her name changed legally to show her love for the object.

3. Liu Ye of China married himself


Self obsession at its best! This man decided to get married to himself as he didn’t wish to stay single anymore. So he married a piece of cardboard cut out of his poster wearing a red dress.

4. Eija Riitta has been married to the Berlin Wall.


Eija has been diagnosed with a condition called objectum-sexuality and so she fell in love with the Berlin wall when she saw it first time on the TV at the age of 7. Since then, she has been collecting pictures of the wall and on a trip she tied the knot. She’s been married to it for over 40 years.

5. Lee Jin from Korea married a Pillow 


The huggable big pillow has a girl’s picture stuck on it and is named ‘dakimakura’. It also wore a dress for the wedding.

6. Amy Wolfe of New York married a fairground ride.


Diagnosed with Asperger syndrome Amy has fallen for many things and buildings such as the Twin Towers, an organ from church etc. But fairground ride named 1001 Nacht is her one true love.

7. Cindy married a Dolphin


British woman Cindy claims it to be love at first sight which lasted for 15 years before marriage. Cindy was lucky enough to get a kiss at her wedding from the dolphin at ceremony held Israel.

8. German man married his dying Cat.


Sadly, when a vet told him that his cat would die of a terminal illness the german decided to marry his dying cat.

9. Davecat married his blow up doll


He married his blow up doll explaining how it provided things that an organic, living partner couldn’t, The quiet.

10. Bimbala Das, woman married a snake.


The woman claimed that she fell in love with the snake and married it in accordance with rituals of Hindu religion. A whopping 2000 people attended the wedding except for the Groom, the snake! So she married a brass statue of the snake.

11. A man from Sudan married a Goat.


This one’s totally screwed up! As per a law in Sudan, if a man is caught sleeping with a woman then he has to marry her and when Charles Tombe was caught physically assaulting  the goat he had to marry it and even paid dowry to its owner.

Crazy right? Almost All marriages are :p

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