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World 11,000 Rabbits Die Due to Firecracker Celebration

11,000 Rabbits Die Due to Firecracker Celebration

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In China’s Jiangsu Province more than 11,000 rabbits died due to firecrackers death. They scared to death by firecracker celebration organized by a man named Cai Nan who organized it to celebrate the renovation of his home in Xuzhou.

Cai and the workers set up dozens of firecrackers on the roof of the house and according to the reports, fired them off for a period of 3 to 4 minutes. Cai never imagined that the loud bangs led to the death of thousands of rabbits on his neighbours’ farm. The owner of the farm whose surname is Zhang filed a lawsuit against him in the court and asked for a compensation of Rs 45 lakhs.

Zhang claimed that over 10,000 young rabbits and 1,573 adults were scared to death by the loud noise, while another 15,000 females suffered spontaneous abortions. To let you know, this case is from last year, when Zhang asked Cai for compensation, he refused him. Then Zhang filed a court case against him and he was found guilty also. He was ordered to pay 440,000 yuan ($65,500) in ten days, but Cai appealed the decision in the higher court.

But now, the court held a hearing again in the case after months and dismissed his appeal and upheld the first judge’s decision.

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