Neha Kakkar-Rohanpreet Singh’s Wedding Festivities: Have A Look

Singer Neha Kakkar who is soon to tie the knot with Rohanpreet Singh flew down to Delhi this morning. The love couple...
Entertainment 12 Celebrities, 12 Zodiac Signs But Many Traits. Let's find out!

12 Celebrities, 12 Zodiac Signs But Many Traits. Let’s find out!

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There are twelve zodiac signs and each one of the sign possesses different traits. We have a list of twelve bollywood celebrities representing each zodiac sign. Let’s scroll down to know about them!

Aries: Kangana Ranaut

Aries are hopeful, active, brave, passionate, impulsive, impatient, honest and adaptable.

Taurus: Madhuri Dixit

Taurus are romantic, decisive, logical, kind, stubborn, patient and artistic.

Gemini: Sonam Kapoor

Gemini are smart, cheerful, quick-witted, fickle, gossipy and insightful.

Cancer: Arjun Kapoor

Cancerians have strong sixth sense, are gentle, imaginative, possessive, sensitive and prudish.

Leo: SriDevi

Leos are proud, charitable, glamourous, leaders, loyal, enthusiastic, wasteful, indulgent and willful.

Virgo: Akshay Kumar

Virgos are helping, elegant, perfectionists, practical, nosey and torturous.

Libra: Ranbir Kapoor

Libras are idealistic, reasonable, have strong social skills, charming, lazy, careless, hesitant and free wheeling.

Scorpio: Shah Rukh Khan

Scorpions are mysterious, rational, intelligent, independent, devoted, passionate, obsessive and arrogant.

Sagittarius: Riteish Deshmukh

Sagittarius are insightful, rational, brave, lively, optimistic, forgetful, unthinking and rash.

Capricorn: Deepika Padukone

Capricorns are intelligent, practical, generous, reliable, stubborn and suspicious.

Aquarius: Abhishek Bachhan

Aquarius are unique, calm, tolerant socialable, smart, practical, hasty, rebel, fickle and disobedient.

Pisces: Alia Bhatt

Pisces are friendly, conscious, dedicated, kind, sentimental, indecisive and unrealistic.

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