12 Compulsory Diets During Pregnancy To Avoid Calcium Deficiency


Calcium is very important for everyone because it is the element that develops bones and strengthens them. A rich intake of calcium is especially important for pregnant women. Due to its intake, the unborn child also gets calcium and his bones develop. If a woman has been aware of her health since the time of conception or already, then she can avoid many problems. Dr. Laxmidatta Shukla associated with myupchar.com says that 90% of the calcium in the body is only in bones and teeth

Compulsory Diets During Pregnancy

The remaining 10% calcium is present in the blood, body fluids, nerves, muscle cells, and other cells and tissues. It helps all of them to do their work. Therefore, during pregnancy, eat such foods which are full of calcium. An adequate amount of calcium will go into the body due to their intake.

Diets to take during pregnancy to avoid Calcium Deficiency

#1 Orange

Diets During Pregnancy To Avoid Calcium Deficiency- orange

Orange is also the main source of vitamin C and calcium deficiency can be overcome by its intake. There is no better option than this to get calcium during pregnancy. This increases the immune system. Around 50 milligrams of calcium is found in oranges.

#2 Spinach

Diets During Pregnancy To Avoid Calcium Deficiency- spinach

250 milligrams of calcium are found in spinach. It fulfills calcium deficiency in pregnancy, it also provides iron and other minerals by consuming it.

#3 Date

Diets During Pregnancy- date

Calcium found in dates is helpful in making bones and teeth of the baby. The folate present in it protects the child from potential brain diseases and weaknesses.

#4 Almonds

Diets During Pregnancy- almonds

Almonds are a great option for treating calcium deficiency. 264 milligrams of calcium are found in 100 grams of almonds. Along with fulfilling calcium deficiency, this also accelerates the brain.

#5 Red Lentil

Diets During Pregnancy- red lentil

Pregnancy’s calcium diet should include lentils. Lentils contain 19 milligrams of calcium.

#6 Turnip

Diets During Pregnancy- turnip

Turnip is rich in calcium. About 190 mg of calcium is found in 100 grams of the turnip.

#7 SoyBeans

Diets During Pregnancy- Soybeans

Soybeans, soy milk or tofu are rich in calcium. One cup of cooked soybean contains about 175 milligrams of calcium. If you do not like to drink milk, then you can opt for soy milk.

#8 Milk And Its Products

Diets During Pregnancy- Milk

Around 125 mg of calcium is found in both milk and curd. Low-fat yogurt, ie. yogurt, is rich in calcium.

#9 Fish

Diets During Pregnancy- fish

Salmon fish is rich in calcium. It can give 282 milligrams of calcium, which is sufficient to remove calcium deficiency in the body.

#10 Broccoli

Diets During Pregnancy- Broccoli

Broccoli contains many nutrients like antioxidants, folic acid, iron, fiber. 156 grams of broccoli contains 63 mg of calcium.

#11 Kiwi

Diets During Pregnancy- kiwi

Kiwi contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin C. These nutrients provide many benefits to the body of pregnant women.

#12 Dried Figs

Diets During Pregnancy- dried figs

One cup of dried figs contains about 240 milligrams of calcium. It also contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. It is beneficial in pregnancy.