Are you feeling lost? Not feeling inspired enough to start with your work? This is well, everybody’s story. The worst thing would be to give up to this. What are we here for? Here are some really easy and simple tips to feel motivated and keep going in your life towards success!

1. Start now.


There will never be a right itme to start your work except NOW. So start now!

2. Set a performance goal.


Setting goals will help you move forward and will also let you assess your performance. Set performance goals alongwith a timeline.

3. Make an if-then rule.


If-Then rule is very important and interesting. Whenever you finish a pending or an in-line task, treat yourself with a your favorite treat and if its a bigger task treat yourself with a vacation.

4. Don’t think about survival.

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Survival is for the weak. Everybody learns to survive sooner or later. Think Big if you really wish to fulfill your dreams. Think of setting an example and nothing less than that.

5. Rise above your insecurities.


Never be jealous of your co-workers or colleagues. In fact, be inspired with their success stories and great habits.

6. Follow a Routine.


A fixed and healthy routine is a must. It will keep you going and will help you to get better eventually.

7. Discipline is The Key.


sometimes, its not just about motivation. Lack of discipline can also keep you away from achieving your goals.

8. Set Small Goals At First. Be Realistic.


Donot Set goals which are really tough to achieve. As a beginner or even when you’re working on a new project, go slow. Set small and realistic goals and keep moving further.

9. Avoid Toxic People.


Stay away from people who try to put you down and make you feel terrible about yourself. They will only discourage and de-motivate you, which you need the least.

10. Don’t Hesitate To Try For That ‘Extra Bit’.

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Sometimes, we give up when we are just a tiny step away. So, never hesitate to go an extra bit, it’ll only come back to you as appreciation or a bonus maybe.

11. Do You Want It Bad Enough? Ask Yourself!


Whenever you start to feel like giving up or letting it go, wait and ask yourself as to how bad you want it? If its a yes! Well, you know what to do!

12. Stick Notes

The saying Don't find faults, find fixes with words on yellow sticky notes offering advice on how to be useful and provide help and assistance to someone with flaws, trouble or a problem

Make stick notes of quotes or thoughts of people who you feel are inspiring. Read them often and keep yourself inspired and motivated!