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12 Things That You Can Only Learn At Your First Job

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From working 7-8 hours a day to bunking lectures, from abiding by the deadlines to procrastinating assignments, your life changes upside down after you start working. And if it’s your first job then it will teach some really important lessons of life that no amount of lectures in college ever will.

1. Getting along with people


You learn to get along with people of all kind as in a way you grow up also you can’t choose your friends or buddies like you did in college because when it comes to your workplace you never know who you’ll have to work with.

2. You must finish your work

Portrait of stress business woman looking for document

when you walk into the the professional world you need to understand the way that things work. You can’t just not finish your work at your job. You professor at college may have accepted late submissions but your boss surely won’t be happy.

3. you have to prove your worth for that paycheck


You maynot have had to impress anybody with your work or efforts before but when you’re at office you need to work so that it may impress your boss and colleagues.

4. “Bunking” is no longer acceptable


Bunking lectures in college was fun and nobody would have minded it so much anyway but when it comes to your job you can’t just leave things undone and call it a day.

5. Spending money is easy, earning is just as hard


You too soon realise that earning money takes 30 days hard work and hard earned money is not worth spending on reckless shopping sprees and drink binges.

6. Your Body needs your care and thought.


Now that you’ll be sitting in front of a computer screen most of the day you can’t just ignore your body or survive on junk food. Eating from a home-packed tiffin will keep you fit and active.

7. No longer can be the night owl.

Monday Morning

If you were a night owl in college days well, those days are long gone. You have to be on time whatever hour that is that marks the beginning of your day at work. Walkin in late for a meeting is not as cool as a dramatic late entrance in lecture hall used to be.

8. Dressing up professionally


You can’t walk into your office in your slippers or a T-shirt you love to wear for bedtime. You need to dress as professionally as you can and within that parameters you can also be constructive.

9. Learning to unlearn


There were many things that you learnt in college which are not really applicable in the real world. You need to leave those theories behind and function as per your judgement.

10. Marks no longer measure your calibre


At your job you cannot live by the marks that you once scored in college. Life gets very practical once you start working.

11. Making use of free time


Only free time that you will know will be the weekends. MAke the best use of weekends by indulging in hobbies or catching up with friends and family.

12. You are not the centre of the universe

business and office concept - friendly business team with tablet pcs having discussion in office

AS much as you will gain professional experience, you will also learn certain lessons for life like humility. You will not always be doing things according to your opinion of experience as others will be senior to you and you realise that the world doesn’t revolve around you.




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