News 12 Years Old Boy Becomes Father Accused Of Raping Cousin

12 Years Old Boy Becomes Father Accused Of Raping Cousin

Just at the youngest age of 12, a boy becomes a father in Kerela. He made sexual relations with a girl who is 4 years elder than him. She is 16. After that, the girl gave birth to a girl last year in November. A case is filed on these two according to POCSO Act. The victim is his first cousin. They both are neighbours too.

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Now the boy has become 14 years old and is studying in 8th standard whereas the girl becomes 18. This incident took place last year in February, after that the girl gave birth to a girl child in the hospital of Ernakulam district. However, the DNA Test report came last week has proved that this 12-year-old boy is the father of this girl.

Doctors said about the boy that the boy probably suffered precocious puberty. According to it, one can get the sexual feelings at a very young age. It is not a very astounding case, however, this is the first case in India.

When asked from the girl she said she was raped by her cousin whereas when asked from the boy he accused the girl. They both are minors. So a case is filed against them according to POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act.

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