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News 12 Year Old Boy Killed His Grandfather For A Shocking Reason

12 Year Old Boy Killed His Grandfather For A Shocking Reason

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A 12-year-old boy killed his grandfather with a paper cutter in Mumbai. The attack was reportedly evoked by his mother’s repeated accusation that the grandfather was responsible for their financial crunch.

teenager kills grandfather
Source: India today.in

The Boy’s father who works in West Asia stopped sending home money for their family’s expenditure supposedly without giving any suitable reason. His mother began to blame the grandfather for this.

Mahadev Waval, senior inspector of Vakola police station said:

“She held up directly responsible for their financial situation. This caused minor flare-ups between the man and the daughter-in-law. Whenever the child asked for money, the mother told him that his grandfather was scheming against them,”

Mr. Waval further added that “The mother painted the grandfather as a villain who didn’t want to the family to live happily. This enraged the boy and he wanted to seek his revenge.”

boy killed his grandfather
Source: The Huffington Post India

On February 19, the boy brought a paper cutter, catches a train for Kalina, where his grandfather inhabits. A cold argument between him and his grandfather soon blew up into tussles and the boy stabbed the 75-year-old man.

The boy also bit his aunt’s hand when she intervened. Neighbors finally came to the old man’s rescue and immobilized the boy.

The boy was sent to the children’s rehabilitation home and was booked under sections 307 and 324 of the IPC.

Source: mid-day.com

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