News 12 Year Old Girl Helps Deliver Her Own Baby Brother

12 Year Old Girl Helps Deliver Her Own Baby Brother

On Tuesday, a 12-year-old girl helped in delivering her own baby brother and the image has quickly gone viral on Facebook. According to the post, Jacee wanted to attend her brother, Zaydn’s birth 18 months ago but her parents felt she was too young to attend.

12 Year Old Girl Helps Deliver Her Own Baby Brother

Source: AOL

However, this was the family’s last born child, therefore the parents decided to let their daughter present as they felt it might be a good learning experience. Obviously, the little girl was upset but then, Dr. Walter Wolfe suggested: ”¬†Jacee why don’t you suit up and come deliver the baby.”

The mother wrote: “I was in shock lol! I told her as long as Zack doesn’t care to go ahead and he said ‘go for it Jacee!”

12 year old girl goes viral after delivering her own baby brother

Source: Inside Edition

According to the MS News Now, Jacee said: “I actually, like delivered him, like, he let me actually push down and pull the baby out….I was like, Wow, like I’ve played fake doctor before, but this is, like, the real thing, this is is the real deal. I was really nervous,”

She added: “I was nervous that I was gonna mess up or tear her or something, but it was the best moment of my life.”

The new mother concluded: “Seeing the emotions on her face, it made me cry. I’m about to cry now! It was just a good moment for me.”

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